KG Felt Bosh’s Frustration

by November 24, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Chris, Holly and I were on hand for the Celtics/Raptors snooze-fest yesterday in Toronto, and the only sort of compelling drama was what was being said (or left unsaid) in both locker rooms following the game.

As Toronto spent much of the afternoon crapping the bed against the C’s, Chris Bosh became visibly upset with his team’s lackluster play on more than one occasion. Afterwards, Kevin Garnett was asked to compare CB4’s current situation to the one he faced in Minny.

From the Toronto Star:

“I don’t know the situation here or what he’s going through but tonight he looked pretty frustrated,” said Garnett. “When you’re a good player and trying to be better, trying to be one of the premiers in this league, trying to set your mark, you want the help around you. He has to make a decision on whether he wants to be here.”

Most of us were caught completely off-guard by KG’s comments, and reporters nearly sprinted out of the room to grab Bosh’s reaction. Chris, however, refused to be baited into expressing the extent of his frustration, and after taking an extraordinarly long time to get dressed, he just repeatedly said the game was over and done with.

Thirteen games into the season, it’s far too early to press the panic button in Toronto, but if the Raptors don’t dig themselves out of their current hole (and soon), one gets the feeling that Bosh won’t remain as diplomatic when addressing matters.