KG Isn’t Feeling Olympian

by Marcel Mutoni

Team USA reached out to Kevin Garnett recently, and the one-time Olympian politely turned them down. Garnett, 31, played on the Gold Medal winning 2000 Olympic Team (along with current teammate Ray Allen), and he says that he’s had his fill of international competition.

It’s worth noting, however, that unlike some other star players, KG is able to avoid criticism from the basketball community for refusing to join the team. From the Boston Globe:

“There is no discussion about that,” Garnett said. “I don’t want to discuss that. They know that.”

“They have a team and the team is already established, which is good. I’ve had my time in it,” said Garnett,

Said [USA Basketball president] Jim Tooley: “We understand his decision and respect it. He’s with a good team and he’s focused on that.”

In other words: Sorry, guys, but I’m already playing on a Dream Team.