KG out of ASG; ‘Sheed (Predictably) Unhappy

by Marcel Mutoni

Kevin Garnett’s abdominal muscle strain will keep him out of next weekend’s All-Star Game, and Rasheed Wallace has been named as his replacement. Rasheed, predictably, isn’t thrilled with the news.

A couple of weeks ago, ‘Sheed let his disdain for the mid-season classic be known, and when told of his invite to this season’s hoopla (which wipes out a vacation Wallace had planned with his family), he was … well, ‘Sheed:

“This time I’ll go for the kids,” Wallace said. “I guess once I get older or out of the game, they can look back on it and check it out.”

Sarcastically, he added, “It’s a huge honor; it’s a great pleasure. That’s about it.”

I love the sarcasm. Though, I’m sure, David Stern doesn’t feel the same way. He should punish Rasheed by insisting that he play 40 minutes on Sunday.