Kirk Hinrich to the Bench?

by Marcel Mutoni

Kirk Hinrich’s stats are down from last season all across the board. Couple that with the Bulls’ putrid start to the season (5-11; last in the Central Division) and it’s no surprise that Hinrich could see his starting role taken away from him.

”It’s always a possibility,” Skiles said of Hinrich perhaps being better off the bench. ”That’s the fine line you have to walk, especially when you start to develop a history with players.


”Ultimately it might not be a bad thing,” Skiles said. ”We may come out of it and be much better for it in the end.”

Practically everyone on the Bulls has gotten their share of the blame for the team’s terrible play – from Luol Deng’s early struggles while he dealt with the Kobe rumors, Scott Skiles’s militancy, Ben Wallace’s sudden decline into irrelevancy, and of course, Ben Gordon’s stubborn refusal to grow past six foot three – so I guess it’s Hinrich’s turn this time around.

The insertion of Chris Duhon into the starting lineup will most likely not dramatically alter the Bulls’ fortunes on the floor (no offense, Chris), but hey, it’s an idea.