Klay Thompson Says Closeout Game 5 Will Be the ‘Hardest One Yet’

The Warriors are in a familiar spot heading into Game 5 of their semifinal series with Memphis up 3-1. The closeout game won’t be any easier to win after narrowly escaping San Francisco with a 101-98 win on Monday.

Golden State could’ve easily folded but their veteran will allowed them to erase a seven-point deficit and outscore Memphis 39-29 in the final frame, setting the scene for Stephen Curry to give the Warriors their first lead of the game with 45.7 seconds left. Curry subsequently sealed the deal with eight free throws over that same time period.

As you can see, the championship pedigree of Golden State will never not be tested, but the proud franchise has won 20 playoff series since 2013. The Warriors know anything can happen in the playoffs with a 3-1 lead (see: 2016 NBA Finals) which is why the Dubs will rely on their championship will to eliminate the Grizzlies on Wednesday.

The second half of the Splash Brothers and another playoff tested veteran Klay Thompson, kept the 3-1 lead in perspective.

“Wednesday’s going to be the hardest one yet,” Thompson said per the Memphis Commercial Appeal. “It always is. The closeout.”