Knicks Continue to Battle Fans, Media

by Marcel Mutoni

Can you blame them? It’s about the only fight they can win these days.

Members of the Superbowl-bound Giants, the absolute toast of Gotham, were on hand at the Celtics/Knicks matinee yesterday, and things got testy on and off the court.

Paul Pierce and Quentin Richardson weren’t the only ones ejected from the contest; a fan who dared express his displeasure with the product on the floor was also shown the door. And that’s when the fireworks began.

I would estimate that a dozen ushers surrounded the three reporters, including myself, physically blocking our path and berating us for not listening to their orders, not “respecting” them and not letting them do their jobs. I explained that, in truth, it was the other way around. The security staff was keeping us from doing our jobs.

One reporter was physically restrained and had his credential torn off his neck.

If Isiah were smart, he’d sign those rent-a-cops to ten day contracts pronto. At least those guys would play a little defense for him.