Kobe Bryant Says This is the Most Talented Team He’s Been On

by October 02, 2012

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

Over the span of 16 seasons, Kobe Bryant has played alongside plenty of talented ballers in Los Angeles. Numerous All-Stars, current and future Hall of Famers have helped Bryant win five NBA championships, but he’s apparently never seen anything like this year’s Laker team.

According to Kobe, this is the most talented squad that he’s been a part of.

Reports the LA Times:

Kobe Bryant was also there in El Segundo, make no mistake, saying this was the best team he’d ever been part of “on paper,” the catchphrase for managing expectations uttered by almost everybody of significance Monday.

“On its face, it’s the best talent I’ve been around,” said Bryant, entering his 17th NBA season. “Whether that translates into winning a championship, that remains to be seen. But just on paper, you’re obviously talking about defensive players of the years, MVPs, All-Stars. You’re talking about a myriad of things where guys are on top of their position and have been at the top of their position.”

Talent and star power aside, chemistry is what will determine how successful these Lakers can be. And for what it’s worth, the team’s two biggest forces (Kobe and Dwight Howard) think they’ll get along swimmingly on and off the court.

As Kobe Bryant points out, there’s a big difference between talent and finding the secret sauce that leads to winning a title.