Kobe Bryant Wins Oscar for Animated Short Film

Kobe Bryant added an Oscar to his trophy collection Sunday night, taking home a golden statue in the animated short category for “Dear Basketball”.

Bryant used his speech to take a shot at racist TV talking heads who claim that NBA players should simply “shut up and dribble.”

Kobe told reporters that his latest triumph felt “better than winning championships.”

Per the AP:

Backstage, Bryant looked lovingly at the statue cradled in his hands and mouthed, “My God.”

“I feel better than winning championships,” he said, a smile never leaving his face. “This is crazy, man, it’s crazy.”

Bryant said he heard dismissive comments like “That’s cute” when he told people he wanted to become a storyteller in retirement.

“The hardest thing when you start over, you have to quiet the ego and begin again. You have to learn the basics of things,” he said.

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