Kobe Drama’s Effect on Laker Fans

by Marcel Mutoni

-I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Laker fans are sick of the guy, but some in Lakerland could use a break from Kobe talk.

I don’t think bored is quite the right word, but I think Lakers fans (and Los Angeles as a whole) need a little break from Kobe.

In the wake of Kobe’s “trade me. Trade Me! WHY ISN’T ANYONE IN THE FRONT OFFICE CALLING ME?” radio talk show tirade, Lakers fans were frustrated (with both Kobe and the front office) and insulted, which even led to some “he can’t dump us, let’s dump him first” heat-of-the-moment comments from fans. But by the end of that first day of calls I was burnt out on the Kobe drama, and within a few days I think most fans were too…

(Laker fans and non-Laker fans can claim Bryant fatigue all they want, but we all know that as soon as Kobe opens his mouth again, his name will be all over the place and everyone will pay attention. Learn to embrace the insanity surrounding The Mamba, people.)

-Theo Ratliff says he feels great, and if Theo feels great, then we should all be feeling great.

-Bad news for anyone who played on the Cavs’ summer team: thanks for showing up, but none of you are making the real squad.

Based on what I saw, the Cavs coaches told me and other scouts and coaches said, there didn’t appear to be any other players on the Cavs summer team who are serious candidates to make the team.

-The Magic are signing some guy named “Gortat”.