Kobe Is Clutch

by July 23, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

-We’re not even in August yet, but Kobe Bryant is already in mid-season form. He hit the game-winning shot (over Tayshaun Prince) in the intrasquad game that concluded Team USA’s mini camp this weekend.

-Allen Iverson tells fellow Newport “Bad” News native Mike Vick to “keep his head up.”

“It’s always been like that from day one since there was sports,” Iverson said. “There was always a bull’s-eye on us. Everybody doesn’t love athletes. Some people feel like we’re spoiled. Some people feel that because we are rich, we think we are above the law, we’re better than everybody else.

“But it’s not like that, but some people perceive us that way. And they give us a hard time about it.”

-Kevin Durant was more than impressive during the Team USA mini-camp.

“He’s just shooting the [expletive] out of the ball,” said Carmelo Anthony.

“I think he only missed about three or four shots in the last two days, so I’m pretty sure he’s impressing a lot of people around here,” Anthony added.

-The NBA is returning to Vancouver next season … for an exhibition game between the Suns and Sonics. This, of course, means that Steve Nash will be playing in his home province (that’s what we call them up here in Canuck Land) and should have plenty of support.

-Dave D’Alessandro and David Waldstein of the Star-Ledger comb through each Knick and Net game that Tim Donaghy worked last season. Expect many similar articles in the next few weeks. (Thanks to Ryan “Farmer” Jones for the find.)