Kobe to ATL

by Lang Whitaker

Thought it worth pointing out that with all the talk about Allen Iverson being traded, perhaps to the Hawks, look who was at the same Atlanta nightclub (low here) this weekend as AI: Kobe Bryant.

Now, I thought Kobe was in Las Vegas, where he said he was going to be supporting Team USA after he surprised everyone by having knee surgery two weeks ago. Now he’s clubbing in the ATL with AI. Yee-uh!

And since we’re talking about Kobe, Linkstigator Stu writes…
You may have thought of this, i may have missed it somewhere, but as you know, there’s the “his old HS number” theory, the “picking up where MJ left off (23)” theory, but i have one of my own…
Kobe’s first solo cover, anywhere? Slam 24.
He’s so odd that it might really mean something to him that you guys showed him respect before anyone else jumped on the wagon, and continue to show him love. Sure, the theory is as kooky as hell, but just as believable given the subject matter.

Well, I guess it’s believable. I don’t believe it, though.