Kobe’s “Response” to Curt Schilling

by Marcel Mutoni

Ryan and I emailed briefly yesterday, and I pointed out in one of my messages that I can’t quite get over how during this Lakers/Celtics series, the people that seem to hate one another the most are everyone BUT the players.

Lakers fans physically assaulted Celtics fans who were dumb enough to show up in L.A. and obnoxiously support their team; Boston baseball players are writing blog posts ripping into Kobe; and L.A. Times columnists are getting hilariously offended by said posts.

Anyway, here’s Bryant’s response to Curt Schilling’s scathing criticism.

Asked if he was disappointed in Schilling’s comments, Bryant responded, “Go Yankees!” and pumped his fist.

“They’re used to it, and we all have thick skin around here,” he said. “We’re brutally honest with each other. We all love it.”

Please, remember this the next time ABC tries to convince you that the Celtics-Lakers rivalry still exists. We went from clotheslines to this. I’m actually kind of embarrassed.