Kris Dunn Set to Undergo Arthroscopic Ankle Surgery

Although the Hawks have started out the season strong, they are still without a few of their key players. They’ve missed their first round pick Onyeka Okongwu in all three of their games and Rajon Rondo in two of the three.

Additionally, Atlanta has been without their newly acquired defensive-minded point guard, Kris Dunn. The Hawks announced in a recent press release that Dunn underwent an MRI on Nov. 24th, which confirmed cartilage disruption in his right knee.

While he’s been able to participate in limited parts of team practices and workouts, he began to experience discomfort as the team started to ramp him up as he got closer to being able to participate fully. A more recent MRI revealed loose cartilage inhibiting his range of motion in the ankle and creating compensations in his knees and low back.

Due to this, Dunn is scheduled to undergo arthroscopic surgery to remove the loose cartilage in his right ankle on Wednesday. While it’s unclear how long he will be sidelined, we do know that he will be out indefinitely.

Regardless, the Hawks have plenty of depth at both guard positions. While they haven’t faced some of the premier teams in the NBA, to this point they haven’t had a problem winning games shorthanded.