Kyle Korver: ‘We Can’t Just Stand and Watch LeBron’

by May 10, 2018

LeBron James‘ dominance this postseason has reduced his teammates to pop culture laughingstocks, but in order for Cleveland to win the NBA title, Kyle Korver knows they “can’t just stand and watch” No. 23.

Korver, however, admits that being a spectator is an easy trap to fall into when playing alongside LeBron.

And while it may be easy to dismiss and laugh at “the other Cavs,” they stepped up in their second-round sweep of the Toronto Raptors.


[Kevin] Love and Korver are second and third, respectively, on the team in postseason scoring. Cleveland piled up 125 points per 100 possessions against Toronto in 99 minutes with LeBron, Love and Korver on the floor, and outscored the Raptors by 41 points over that time, per Korver and Love are 50-of-117 combined from deep — 43 percent — in the playoffs.

When Love feels like a participant, and not a bystander, he tends to play with more spirit on both ends. “We can’t just stand and watch LeBron,” Korver says. “That’s a trap we all fall into. It’s fine to do that sometimes. But we have to stay involved.”