Kyle Lowry Doesn’t Know If He’s Ever Spoken to Kawhi Leonard

by July 28, 2018

Kyle Lowry says he doesn’t know if he’s spoken to Kawhi Leonard.

During a bizarre exchange at USA Basketball camp on Friday, Lowry told reporters that he couldn’t recall if he’s ever talked to his new Raptors teammate.

Do you have a relationship with Kawhi?

Lowry: “No. I know him. Mutual respect.”

Have you spoken to him?

Lowry: “I don’t know.”

You don’t know if you’ve spoken to him?

Lowry: “No.”

What do you mean?

Lowry: “I don’t know if I’ve spoken to him.”

Are you not sure?

Lowry: “No. I’m not sure. He’s not here, so I haven’t spoken to him.”

On the phone, I mean.

Lowry: “I haven’t spoken to him. No.”

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