Kyrie Irving Annoyed By Reaction to Video of Him Chatting With Kevin Durant

by February 21, 2019

Kyrie Irving snapped at reporters asking about a video clip that went viral on social media showing him and Kevin Durant chatting during NBA All-Star Weekend in Charlotte.

Irving grew indignant at the playful speculation that the two were plotting their upcoming free agency.

Kyrie says this kind of scrutiny “doesn’t make the League fun.”

Per The Boston Globe:

“It’s a video of me and one of my best friends talking,” Irving told reporters in Milwaukee Wednesday afternoon following the team’s first practice after the All-Star break. “And then it turns out to be a dissection of a free agency meeting? Do you get that? Like, do you get that? And then I’m asked questions about that? That’s what disconnects me from all that s***.”

Irving said he is not active on social media — which he referred to as “a fictitious way of just feeling validated in the world” — so he did not see the response to the video. Upon being repeatedly asked about the video, he expressed frustration, calling the situation “stuff that just doesn’t make the league fun.”

“It’s my life, right?” Irving said. “It’s two people talking, having a conversation. If this was the real world, would it be anybody else’s business? It’s a video of somebody assuming what we’re talking about, making an opinion about it, right? So, why would I care about it? Why does it have an impact on my life? Why are you asking me those type of questions?”

The 26-year-old proceeded to go back and forth with a reporter, arguing the intent behind the incessant questioning was for “the likes and clicks.”

“Nobody helps promote the league anymore by doing bulls*** like that,” he said. “Putting things on, like, what we’re talking about, it’s crazy.”

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