Kyrie Irving: ‘I’ll Be Okay’ Following Knee Sprain

by February 03, 2020

Kyrie Irving will be sidelined for at least a week after suffering a medial ligament right knee sprain in a collision with Bradley Beal.

Irving, 27, says he will be OK following the injury scare.

Kyrie has already missed 28 games this season for a 21-27 Brooklyn Nets squad.

Per The NY Post:

“Yeah, it’s been one hell of a week. One hell of a week,” Irving said, wearing a brace on his knee and leaning uncomfortably against a table in the visiting locker room at Capital One Arena.

But now after Sunday’s MRI, Irving and the Nets know exactly what it is. And more to the point, they confirmed what it isn’t, ruling out nightmare scenarios like tears of his ACL, MCL or PCL.

“I’ve said it in the past: No one’s going to feel bad for us,” Irving said. “I don’t really expect anyone to feel bad for us.

“It’s the NBA. Things like this happen and we’ve just got to pick each other up, like we always do. It’s just about us in the locker room, and as we continue to move forward continue to work at those goals that we have.”

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