Kyrie Irving Wants To Play Kemba Walker 1-on-1 🍿

by May 11, 2020
kyrie kemba 1 on 1

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving says he wants to go one-on-one against his “big bro” Kemba Walker.

While joining Darryl “Truck” Bryant on Instagram Live, Kyrie said that it’s always a tough battle when he’s facing his fellow PG from the New York City metro area.

“I want that matchup. I want K-Walk,” Kyrie said. “Me and K-Walk. We have to.” (starting at 2:57):

You know all these players, so I’m going to ask you what matchups you like.

Kyrie: “You know, we never talk about this. Me and K-Walk, I want that matchup. I want K-Walk. Me and K-Walk. We have to.”

Hold up, hold up. Yo, say that one more time.

Kyrie: “Me and K-Walk, that’s my matchup. I want K-Walk. That’s my big bro. I want K-Walk, bro [laughs]. That’s my big bro.

“You know we got mutual respect, but I know everybody wants to see it—out of New York, New Jersey. Every time we play against each other it’s always a game. He gave us 40, I gave him 40. Back-and-forth, that’s just part of where we grew up.”

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