Kyrie Irving Waiting for ‘BS About the Regular Season’ to End

Kyrie Irving is impatiently waiting for the playoffs, and just wants the regular season “BS” to be over and done with already.

Irving and his Boston Celtics, in the meantime, have now lost four in a row.

Damian Lillard (33 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists) led the visiting Portland Trail Blazers to a 97-92 win Wednesday night against the struggling C’s.

Per The Boston Herald:

“It’s part of the NBA season. You never know,” the Celtics guard said. “I’ve been part of two organizations. One where I was in Cleveland and in 2017 down the stretch we lost a lot of games in a row and ended up sweeping the whole Eastern Conference. I don’t think anybody in the Eastern Conference could really compete with us at a high level when we we’re playing the way we we’re supposed to be playing.”

According to Kyrie Irving, it’s been done before. A team can indeed slump into the stretch run and still succeed.

“You can’t worry about the standings now, it’s too late in the season,” Irving said. “Obviously, the 4-5 spot, but 1-2 is pretty much locked up, 1-2-3. So just play — as long as we get there. I can’t wait for all this other BS about the regular season … keep getting better, talking over and over and over again about what we can do to keep getting better playing in the regular season, I just want to be at the highest level playing. And that’s what I’m here for.”

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