Lack of Defense Costing Danny Granger Playing Time?

by September 03, 2010

The Indy Star takes the Pacer forward to task for not buckling down on defense for Team USA, with the hope that this won’t spill into his play in Indiana next season: “It’s no secret that Granger’s defense has regressed the past few years. His lack of defense has been in an even bigger spotlight this summer. Some people thought Granger would end up getting more minutes than Andre Iguodala and Rudy Gay when the team was training in Las Vegas. It’s been the opposite. Granger got a DNP-CD in USA’s narrow victory over Brazil earlier this week. He’s averaging 13.3 minutes a game. Iguodala let’s his defense dictate his offense. He gets in the passing lane so that he has an opportunity for easy baskets on the other end. Granger let’s his offense dictate his defense. That won’t get it done in Turkey and it won’t get it done down on Pennsylvania Street.”