Lamar Odom Looking to Play in Europe in 2012?

Lamar Odom reached out to Laker teammate Pau Gasol via Twitter to inquire about what it’s like to hoop across the pond. The LA Times has the blow-by-blow: “Whether it reflects his pessimism concerning the NBA lockout, uncertainty about the Lakers or hope to expand Khloe Kardashian’s brand, forward Lamar Odom told Pau Gasol in a tweet that he may play in Europe after next season. ‘it’s ya boy @RealLamarOdom !’ Odom tweeted to Gasol. ‘My dude really want 2 talk 2 u! Really thinking about going 2 play in Europe after this season!’ Odom has a two-year, $17-million contract remaining with the Lakers, but he only has one guaranteed season, in 2011-2012, worth $8.9 million. The Lakers have a $8.2-million option for the 2012-2013 campaign. Only $2.4 million of that option is guaranteed, meaning it’s possible Odom could become a free agent in 2012. It remains unclear whether the Lakers would keep him, particularly after their unsuccessful bid to trade him this offseason to the Minnesota Timberwolves. ‘What’s going on @RealLamarOdom!?” Gasol replied. ‘I’m happy to hear from you! I’m in Lithuania right now. I’ll get in touch with you later today!'”