Lamar Odom Tells Phil Jackson Where to Shove Sixth Man Role

by September 30, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

In his first chat with the local media prior to the new season, Lakers coach Phil Jackson mentioned the fact that he might bring versatile forward Lamar Odom off the bench in 2009. Naturally, we all sat back and wondered how the emotional Odom would take the news.

Wonder no more. Odom didn’t particularly take it well, and wondered aloud about his coach’s mental stability.

From the LA Times (which has a rather amusing photo to go along with the article):

“He must have woke up and bumped his head. He probably hit his head on something — boom,” Odom said about Jackson.

“To start off like that, you’ve got to be out of your . . . mind.”

Things are off to a sunny start in Laker Land, yes?

Most of the stories coming out of the Lakers’ Media Day centered around how calm and relaxed things were compared to last year; something tells me this idea of blissful calm and serenity will change once Phil and Lamar have their first meaningful conversation during training camp.