Lance Stephenson Sad to Leave Indiana

Lance Stephenson was disappointed when the Pacers cut him loose this summer, clearing the way for him to join the Los Angeles Lakers as a free agent.

Stephenson, 27, had developed a strong bond with Indiana’s basketball community.

Lance says he’s excited for a fresh start in Hollywood.

Per Vigilant Sports:

How much do you feel Indiana fans, how much they appreciate you and what you were able to do with the Pacers?

Stephenson: “I love the fans there. Living there and being involved with the fans, seeing them every day, it was blessing. I felt very loved there. I think it’s sad … [pause] leaving here this time than the first time.”

Why’s that? Why do you feel that?

Stephenson: “I just felt like I was never going to leave again. For me leaving this time, it was like, ‘Man… this is happening again?’ I’m definitely happy where I’m at right now. The team that I’m on we got a chance to compete for something major, and I’m going to take this opportunity and try to go high with it.”

So this summer, you fully expected to continue on in Indy?

Stephenson: “Ah, man. I never … I was even surprised when they declined my option. Just to be a free agent again this year was like, ‘Man, again…” I was definitely upset, but you move on from stuff like that, and you learn and you get stronger from it.”

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