Larry Brown in Memphis?

by March 27, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

A little while back, there was a pretty depressing story in Philadelphia Magazine about how Larry Brown is spending his time these days. It touched on his mysterious position in the Sixers’ front office, and talked about how the hoop-obsessed former coach sometimes wanders into various practices, perhaps hoping that some poor soul wants to learn how to play The Right Way.

According to the rumor mill, Brown might no longer have to sneak into gyms like a vagrant, and next season he could once again be stalking the pro sidelines.

The Memphis Grizzlies have targeted ex-Knicks coach Larry Brown to take over as head coach for Marc Iavaroni after another playoff-less finish this season.

Several NBA sources say that the Grizzlies want Brown to succeed Iavaroni, who has struggled in his first season as an NBA head coach and has come under criticism for failing to effectively communicate with players

Sooner or later, Brown will be a head coach in the League again. It’s an inevitability. He cannot be stopped; he’s like the Terminator, only like 87 % less exciting.