Larry Brown Is Still Larry Brown

by Marcel Mutoni

It’s no secret that Larry Brown desperately wants to get back into coaching. He holds a mysterious position in the Sixers’ front office (does anyone know what dude does all day long, besides preaching ‘The Right Way’ of course?), and he’s bored out of his mind.

It has come out that Brown wants to coach LeBron and the Cavs, and he went about expressing his interest in the gig in typical, sneaky Larry Brown fashion.

According to a league source, when the Cavs were struggling last month, Larry Brown made some back-channel overtures to see if the Cavs were thinking about making a coaching change. Nothing came of it, and one of the reasons the Cavs went ahead with Mike Brown’s two-year extension earlier this month was to quell any rumors the organization was unhappy.

This, of course, should surprise absolutely no one. Brown, you’ll recall, is the same guy who was updating his Curriculum Vitae while coaching the Pistons in the NBA Finals (!) a few years back.

Trust and loyalty aren’t very big with him. As such, he’s not exactly the kind of guy you want steering the career of the League’s brightest young star.