Lawrence Frank Disagrees With Eddie Jordan’s Firing

by November 25, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

When a team loses ten of its first eleven games in the NBA, the general rule of thumb is that someone’s head has to roll. And that someone is usually the head coach. Eddie Jordan learned of this yesterday, and now we get to hear the reaction from some of his colleagues around the L.

Lawrence Frank of the Nets – whose own job flirted with danger last season – didn’t mince words when asked about the firing. From the NY Post:

“It’s very disappointing,” Frank said. “To do what he did last year, where you could’ve made an easy argument he should’ve been coach of the year. To come in this year with no Gilbert Arenas, no Brendan Haywood, a hurt Antonio Daniels, a banged-up DeShawn Stevenson.

“It wasn’t like they were losing by 40 points a game, so he was doing a hell of a job and it’s very, very disappointing that he won’t be able to finish out what he started.”

All solid points; it wasn’t entirely Eddie’s fault that his team played such an awful brand of basketball to start the season.

Injuries were certainly a factor, but more than anything else, it was their defensive apathy that did them in. And guess what? Someone’s gotta take the blame for that.