LeBron blogs from Vegas

by July 25, 2006

By Sam Rubenstein

LereaderToday’s practice was good. Guys came in and competed and that’s what it’s all about. Guys took care of business today because we knew it was the last day.

I think I got better every day here. I felt better every day I came. I was trying to get back in shape and I finally accomplished that these last few days of practice. I’m looking forward to coming back next week.

I’m trying to be a leader here. That’s always me. You can ask some of the players here how good of a leader I am. I’m always gonna try to be a leader every time I step on the court.

Okay, I didn’t really write that. It’s LeBron’s Team USA blog entry. Wasn’t that fun and interesting? There are more Team USA bloggers up there, and Gilbert’s is a little less bland, but they’re still generic.