LeBron James Adding a Hook Shot to His Game

by October 11, 2012

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

LeBron James admits that ten years into his NBA career, he has yet to develop a signature move. Part of the reason being, of course, that he doesn’t really need one.

James is looking to add to his offensive arsenal, though. LeBron — who is dedicated to spending more time on the block — is looking to incorporate the hook shot into his evolving game.


And no one in the gym is more ecstatic to see James continue to add to his low-post scoring arsenal than longtime Heat assistant coach and Hall of Famer Bob McAdoo, who knows a thing or 20 about finding different ways to score around the basket. Especially old-school ways. So when a sweat-soaked James spent nearly 30 minutes alone after a recent practice working on his sweeping hook shot, on some levels it was déjà vu for McAdoo.

“I’ll be down here even more this year,” James shouted through near exhaustion as he wrapped up the extended workout. “Might as well keep getting more comfortable.” James vows to add the traditional hook shot to his game, and he could test it out when the Heat play a pair of exhibition games this week in China against the Los Angeles Clippers. McAdoo proudly acknowledges that James is continuing to build a foundation of post moves that took root two summers ago in Houston with [Hakeem] Olajuwon.

You may recall that over the summer, LeBron James clowned around with his Team USA pals by showing off an “unstoppable” hook shot type of move.

I suspect that the hook LeBron is working to refine will be much more traditional, and of course, deadlier for NBA defenses.