LeBron James Developing a Post Game

by October 28, 2010

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

Imagine being the most dominant and unstoppable force of nature in the game, with 2 MVPs in the bag (with more surely to come), and yet your game still needs some work.

Welcome to the wonderful world of LeBron James.

We’ve seen flashes of it in the Miami Heat’s two first games this year, but LeBron says the development of his postgame is increasingly becoming a priority.

And that, friends, is terribly bad news for defenses around the NBA.

The Palm Beach Post reports:

This season, though, he says he’s “keying” on something else: His low-post repertoire. “I’ve spent a lot of time, but not enough time, on that,” James said.

Philadelphia coach Doug Collins said it would be “awful” for the rest of the league if James develops that part of his game. He coached Michael Jordan during Jordan’s first three seasons, and then during Jordan’s final two seasons. As a young player, Jordan didn’t set up on the block much. “When he went to Washington, he was one of the best low-post players in the game,” Collins said. At age 40.

Watching LBJ set up on the block this early in the season, you can tell that it’s something he hasn’t quite mastered yet.

The fact that he’s willing to work hard on it isn’t just cause for concern for opponents. Once James has that essential (and deadly) part of his game down pat, it’ll be enough to make foes consider waving the white flag.