LeBron James Drops 33 Points In Drew League

by July 24, 2011

NBA players have been suiting up to play in the Drew League all summer, though Bron had yet to make an appearanceuntil yesterday. Via Yahoo!: “Los Angeles’ pro-am Drew League has played host to several NBA players over its years. But perhaps none have been bigger than LeBron James, who made an appearance on Saturday. ‘Seeing him on that court in this community with those kids and the impact he made in that hour and a half of play, this was by far the best day we’ve had in the Drew League,’ Drew League director Dino Smiley told Yahoo! Sports. Smiley said he received a call Thursday from a representative for Cleveland Cavaliers guard Baron Davis saying a major NBA star was attending Saturday. … Smiley eventually received another call Saturday afternoon revealing that James was coming to the Leon H. Washington Park gym near the neighborhood of Watts. James arrived shortly after in a SUV. He was wearing a T-shirt and khaki shorts, and was joined by an entourage of about a half dozen people including Davis. To Smiley’s surprise, James wanted to play. James was given a No. 2 jersey for a team called ‘Cheaters II.’ ‘I thought LeBron was coming just to hang out, but he asked for a uniform,’ Smiley said. ‘The crowd was just electrified when he walked in.’ Smiley said many fans tweeted and sent text messages about James’ arrival. ‘Every edge’ of the court in the tiny gym, Smiley said, was packed. Smiley said the gym doors were eventually closed shut during James’ game by law enforcement officers, who told fans if they left they couldn’t return. With Davis coaching, James led Cheaters II to a close victory with 33 points. Once the game ended, the crowd rushed James to get autographs and pictures. After about five minutes, James’ entourage whisked him away to the locker room. James is scheduled to hold his basketball camp on Thursday in San Diego.”