LeBron on East Teams Adding Talent: ‘They Ain’t Gotta Go Through Me’

by February 08, 2019

There was a flurry of movement during yesterday’s NBA trade deadline, and one major theme was the top Eastern Conference teams accumulating talent for a hopeful Finals run.

The Bucks traded for Nikola Mirotic, while the Raptors acquired Marc Gasol, and the Sixers snatched up Tobias Harris.

LeBron James took note, and relayed some thoughts on the matter to The Athletic‘s Joe Vardon.

“Those top teams in the East, yeah, they’re going for it. Toronto is going for it, Milwaukee’s going for it, Philly. Boston believes they can do it, too. They know they ain’t gotta go through Cleveland anymore.

“Everybody in the East thinks they can get to the Finals because they ain’t gotta go through me.” […]

“Shit, I was excited seeing all the moves they made in the East today,” James said. “Those matchups in the second round, in the Eastern Conference finals, that shit is gonna be crazy. It’s gonna be fun to watch.”

LeBron has a point. He made the NBA Finals eight straight seasons in the East as a member of the Heat and Cavs. But with the King now out of the East, anything is possible.

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