LeBron James: Entire ‘Basketball World’ Shocked by David Fizdale’s Firing

LeBron James said that “everybody in the basketball world” was shocked by the firing of Grizzlies head coach David Fizdale on Monday.

Admitting he didn’t know any of the details, LeBron guessed that Fizdale was let go “because he ain’t gon’ kiss nobody’s ass” (starting at 0:21):

“Probably everybody in the basketball world [was surprised] besides who pulled the trigger.” […]


“I don’t know the details of it because I’m not around. But I know the type of coach Fiz is. I know how players relate to him. And I know what he stands for.


“And he don’t stand for no… maybe that’s what it was. Because he ain’t gon’ kiss nobody’s ass. I know that.”

Earlier, LeBron had tweeted that Fizdale could have been the “fall guy” for the struggling Grizzlies, who have lost 8 straight games.

Report: Grizzlies Fire Head Coach David Fizdale