LeBron James Has a Golden Guarantee

by July 24, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

The newest issue of Time Magazine hits newstands tomorrow, and on the cover LeBronze James will be staring back at you – with a guarantee.

LBJ, who’s out with a mildly sprained ankle at the moment, wasn’t afraid to put the pressure on himself (and his teammates) about what to expect once the Beijing Games kick off next month.

After comparing the feeling of receiving a gold medal on the podium to opening a prized gift on Christmas morning, James was asked if that meant he would lead the Americans to the title.

“Absolutely,” James responded.

Asked if he guaranteed it, he repeated, “Absolutely.”

Can you imagine ‘Melo and the rest of the guys picking the issue up and seeing that quote?

“Listen, ‘Bron-Bron. You know we love you, right? But, um, as you have probably noticed, we haven’t exactly had the easiest time on the international stage of late, and expectations are high enough as it is. Let’s try not to make things any more stressful than they need to be, mmm-kay?”