LeBron James: Lakers Will Be a Running Team

LeBron James says the Los Angeles Lakers “would be stupid” not to be a running team this season.

The Purple and Gold will push the pace, but with an aim to remain under control.

James, 33, says he’s up for the challenge of leading the break in L.A. “even with the miles” on his odometer.

Per Yahoo Sports:

“You see those young legs out there,” James told Yahoo Sports. “We would be stupid not to utilize that as a strength. That’s just good coaching.”

[Luke] Walton is now asking James not only to stay with the herd — which will eventually include Lonzo Ball, 20, who is recovering from a knee injury — but on most occasions to be in front of it.

“I feel good out there. I’m good. I haven’t had issues [with my back since 2014-15],” James said. “I’m just trying to get everyone involved right now and make sure everyone is on the same page. That’s all. We’ll be in good shape.”

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