LeBron James: No ‘Closure’ if NBA Season Doesn’t Resume

LeBron James won’t feel any sort of “closure” should the current NBA season get cancelled due to the coronavirus global pandemic.

James, 35, is doing everything in his power (at home) to “stay mentally and physically prepared for whatever may come next.”

Bron, however, says he would have “some satisfaction” about what the Los Angeles Lakers were able to accomplish before things came to a screeching halt last month.

Per The LA Times:

“How do you assess what’s going on over the last three weeks or however long this pandemic has been going on? It’s unnatural,” James said during a Zoom video call with about two dozen reporters Wednesday. “It’s something that’s never happened before. Some of you guys are older than me, probably never seen this happen before. You just kind of take all the information you have on a day-to-day basis.”

If the NBA season can’t resume, it will be left incomplete for James and his teammates, but not without special moments.

“I will have some satisfaction of being with my brothers, being with my guys, thinking about some of the road trips that we had, thinking about some of the games we lost, some of the games we won, some of the games we overcame, and then everything we’ve been going through this season,” James said. “Just the ups and downs not only on the floor but off the floor, everything that we’ve had to endure as Laker faithful, us as players and coaching staff and an organization.

“Closure? No, but to be proud of what we were able to accomplish to this point, I’ll be able to look back and say we did something special in that small period of time.”

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