LeBron James Picks Steph Curry as True 2021 NBA MVP

There’s “really” good, then there’s “Steph Curry” good.

Steph Curry, who secured the 2020-21 scoring title over Bradley Beal with an average of 32.0 points per game, just got big kudos from none other than LeBron James.

A season of bucket-getting such as this one has even grabbed the attention of a 4-time NBA MVP, with James labeling Curry as this year’s definite MVP.

The two rivals have been at a nonstop battle ever since their first NBA Finals matchup back in 2015, giving Curry his first ever NBA Championship. But as most would say, its more than a game and respect plays a big part in success, an ideal that was put on display by LeBron on Monday night.

Chef Curry is currently shooting 42.1% on a career-high 12.7 attempts per game from 3-point range, and statistically Curry has excelled on a level past even his 2015 and 2016 MVP seasons.

LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers will host the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night at 10 PM (EST).