LeBron James Supports Idea of First Female NBA Coach

by April 06, 2018

LeBron James fully embraces the idea of the NBA’s first female head coach.

James, responding to a question about San Antonio Spurs assistant Becky Hammon, says gender should not be a factor when it comes to determining a coach’s ability.

“You know the game, you know the game,” according to LeBron.

Per Cleveland.com:

“I mean, if she knows what she’s doing, we’ll love it,” James said following shootaround at Cleveland Clinic Courts Thursday morning. “I mean, listen, at the end of the day, basketball… it’s not about male or female. You know the game, you know the game.”

Hammon has been part of the San Antonio staff since 2014, becoming the first female full-time assistant coach in NBA history.

“Obviously, you guys know how fond I am of coach [Gregg Popovich], so for him to bring Becky in there to be able to be an assistant and kind of give her input — I don’t quite know how much input she has, I’m not there on a day-to-day basis — but just having her face there, it means a lot,” James said. “There’s also some female coaches in the NFL as well too. It’s cool. If you know the game, you know the game. I love talking the game, so I don’t think of it being a problem at all.”