LeBron James: Trash Thrown at Bronny ‘Just Disrespectful’

by January 21, 2020

LeBron James was understandably upset when footage surfaced of someone throwing a piece of debris at his son Bronny during Sierra Canyon’s game Monday at the Hoophall Classic.

“It’s just direspectful,” the elder James told reporters.

LeBron says the 15-year-old is adept at keeping his emotions in check.


“I didn’t see it or hear it, actually. While I was on the opposite side of the floor, I did see the referee stop the game or stop the inbound, and the cop came up there,” he said. “I didn’t even know what happened until the video evidence showed me when I got here.

“It’s just disrespectful, and it was a little kid too. I don’t know how old that little kid was, so I don’t know if he learned that on his own or if he learned it at home. Whatever the case may be, it’s disrespectful. I wonder how old that kid is, if he is the age around Bronny’s age [15] or [James’ son] Bryce’s age [12]. I’d like to see them try that while they’re paying attention.”

The officer asked members of the crowd to help identify the offender but didn’t receive much cooperation. The officer later told ESPN he couldn’t figure out who threw the debris. At the next stoppage in play, a referee came over to the officer and asked him to keep an eye on that section of the crowd. No further incidents occurred.

LeBron James concurred with his son’s teammates.

“He’s cool, calm. He’s better than his mom and dad. Let’s just say that. He is — he’s better than his mom and dad for some of the things he lets off his shoulder. I guess he’s taken some from me too, because I let a lot of s— go too,” he said. “He’s a great kid. Most importantly, he loves being around his teammates, being a great kid, being a model citizen in the community and playing the game he loves to play. And being a big brother to his brother and sister. But that s— earlier made me mad when I saw that. It was just disrespectful.”