LeBron Loves NY, especially Brooklyn…

by July 01, 2008

By Sam Rubenstein

Well, don’t read too much into this but… I think he may be a free agent in 2010 or something like that, something about teams racing to dump contracts for cap room, you know just in case.

“My friendship was way before Jay was a part-owner of the Nets, and I loved the Garden way before I got in the NBA,” James said. “For some odd reason, whenever I get to the Garden, I always play well. So they want me to do it for 41 games instead of two games a year … They have a right to dream.”

So does D’Antoni, who will have plenty of time to cozy up to James this summer when Team USA reconvenes in Las Vegas for training camp in late July before leaving for the Olympics.

“I respect coach D’Antoni for what he does,” James said. “He’s an unbelievable coach, and what he’s going to do for this city is going to be great.”

And definitely don’t read too much into this.

Dwyane Wade checked in too:

“Maybe (D’Antoni) has an unfair advantage. I accept all bribes … You can see he loves offense. I love offense, and I know LeBron loves offense. So like I said, Coach, I accept all bribes if you want to bribe me. But that’s a ways away.”

Mark the date down, two years from today… all hell will break loose.