LeBron: No More 2010 Talk

by November 12, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

Frankly, it’s a decision that he should have made a long time ago. But, perhaps, he was having too much fun watching everyone speculate about his future plans.

For some reason now, LeBron James doesn’t want anyone to ask him about next summer. The media has to actually discuss basketball with him going forward. The horror!

The NY Times has the money quote from LBJ:

On Wednesday in Orlando, James abruptly shut down the discussion.

“You know, this free-agent talk is getting old,’’ he said testily, adding, “I think tonight will probably be the last time I answer any more free-agent questions until the off-season.’’

What’s interesting is that during the same pre-game session with the media, LeBron said that being asked about free agency in every city doesn’t really bother him. It wasn’t until someone asked about it again after the chat was supposed to be over that James made his declaration.

It’ll be fascinating to see how reporters deal with this new rule from James, assuming he’s serious about it. My guess is that media folk will find a way to slip in questions about 2010 when talking to King James, and judging by the way he’s handled the issue in the past, LeBron won’t be able to help himself. This circus is far from over.