LeBron on Letterman

By Sam Rubenstein

Last week LeBron James was on Letterman. Here’s the video:

Dave pulled out every Sports Illustrated with LeBron on the cover, but no SLAMs. What, we’re good enough for the local news in Minneapolis but not the fancy Worldwide Pants Late Show?
Some things to look out for when watching the video:

LeBron says the first time he saw Michael Jordan up close, he thought it was a hallucenation and he was seeing black Jesus. No follow-up question from Dave about how LeBron feels about Amare’s neck tattoo.

He explains what went wrong in the FIBA world championships, and he actually makes more sense than anyone in the media. This guy is 21 years old? He sounds more mature than any person I’ve ever met in my life. If you’re looking for the distinguished title of least mature pro athlete, I nominate Jeremy Shockey. He’s on by bad side. Stop running your mouth blondie.
Dave nearly wins a free throw shooting contest, losing 5-4. Enjoy the video.

I am happy to share this video with you all, and Dave is great and all, but I really want to see video of LeBron hanging out with Warren Buffett. I read somewhere that Buffett was dressed up in a full LeBron uniform, and they hung out at a bar eating bacon cheeseburgers. I wonder what the conversation was like among the waiters and waitresses or bartenders to see who would serve them. You could probably match your salary for a year on one tip from those two.
Thankfully I did not watch the Giants game yesterday, as I was playing in my weekend football league at the time. I am writing this from home, but I expect to receive some heavy taunting at work today. Coughlin, I thought you were a discipline guy. Looking forward to the bye week.