LeBron on the Europe Talk: ‘Is it a possibility? Yes.’

by August 08, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Merely hours prior to the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games, a highly-symbolic event that David Stern is certainly hoping will restore some of his League’s glory in the world’s eyes, one of its biggest stars dropped a bit of PR bombshell on David and the boys.

Surrounded by a large international media contingent, LeBron James was asked about recent reports that claimed that he might bolt for Europe in a couple of years, and James didn’t exactly deny them. In fact, he doesn’t seem all that opposed to the idea at all. From the Plain Dealer:

“I can’t just throw all my eggs in one basket. There’s going to be a lot of opportunities for me in 2010 to decide if I want to stay with Cleveland or if I want to go elsewhere. Could I ever imagine it? No. Is it a possibility? Yes.”


“I haven’t talked to any of them at all,” James said. “So it’s kind of a rumor that was put out there … With the right opportunity, you never know. I love basketball. So I’ll play basketball anywhere.”

LeBron’s contract, which he can opt out of after the 2009-’10 season, was already the proverbial elephant in the room for just about anyone who cares about the NBA. Now, it’s an entirely different thing altogether.

It’s almost as though he has his finger on the red button, and only God knows what would happen if he decided to press it.

LeBron’s Team USA mates (the linked article quotes ‘Melo and CP3) were in favor of King’s argument, and depending on what he elects to do in a couple of years, James could quite literally change the game – just not in the way anyone foresaw when he burst on the scene a few years ago.