LeBron, the Pacers and the Viper

Fri-day! Yes!

And I’m still here, fighting off the staph infection. Wayne Simien, I know how you feel. I haven’t lost 30 pounds, but still.

Anyway, let’s get to it…

It’s very unfortunate for him and for our team, but we have to move on and look at other people because we can’t count on him because he’s so injury-prone.” — Gregg Popovich, on Beno Udrih.

“We’re worried about his head…about headaches and stuff.” — Brian Hill, on Jameer Nelson, after Nelson collided with Dwight Howard.

• Of course, there’s the mess in Indy, which I wrote about here. More info is trickling out now, including that two of the men involved in the incident are known as Fingers and Dino. I had no idea people in Indianapolis had names like guys from Vegas in the ’50s.

• Beno Udrih, you better step it up, brother. Pop does not play.

• Amare Stoudemire…knee pain…not practicing…not good.

• In Detroit, Dale Davis dominated Nazr Mohammed, and then Flip Saunders cancelled practice. I’m getting a weird feeling about them.

• Good story about a guy who thought to trademark the phrase “HeatPeat” in case Miami wins it all again. Only the NBA won’t get back to him regarding cutting a deal.

• Can Josh Howard just get paid?

• Love the picture here of the hotel room where Reggie Evans and Nene are staying. Looks like they’re in Fred Sanford’s living room.

• Will Scott Skiles transform Ben Wallace into Mark Price?

• Your boy is back. Peter Vecsey returns with a vengeance, shredding new Knicks VP Glen Grunwald today and the Knicks in general on Sunday.

• LeBron thinks the new ball is “cheap.”

• “Grant Hill has taken me under his wing a little bit,” says JJ Redick. No kidding.

• Ron Artest has taken a rookie under his wing, but he can’t pronounce the kid’s name.

Sigh. I still think they need to hire Tommy from The Contender to become the head trainer. I guarantee you guys wouldn’t be missing practice.

Have a great weekend everyone…catch you next week…