LeBron watch continues…

by Lang Whitaker

It’s been two days since word broke that LeBron James was considering not signing the standard contract extension fromt he Cleveland Cavaliers, and thus far things seem to be following that path. The most interesting thing I’ve read thus far is that while LeBron might get painted as trying to make a power play, the Akron Beacon Journal notes this negotiating tact has been done before. By whom? The Tim Duncan Robot, who I can’t recall ever being cast as greedy or interested in himself over his team.

And how is LeBron passing time these days? Ridin’ dirty.

Meanwhile, Carmelo is asking for an option year to be inserted into his new contract, too. (And check the note in that article about the race car Melo owns crashing in the second lap of the Indy 500. Who was driving, Julius Hodge?) Also, Melo also says he’d love to have AI on the Nuggets. Come on, he wouldn’t rather have Andre Miller? An Iverson-Boykins backcourt could be stunning, though.