LeBron’s Boss Defends the Midwest’s Honor

by September 26, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

A large chunk of the hoops-viewing populace – from media to fans – is convinced that LeBron James isn’t long for the Cavs. An unofficial countdown of sorts to the minute he can opt out of his current deal has begun.

This does not sit well with Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. And to be frank, media members, he’s sick and tired of your twisted little fantasies involving LeBron in a Knick uniform.

From the Associated Press:

“People in your profession are very bored on both sides of the country. There’s no basketball going on so they write this stuff,” Gilbert said.

“It’s kind of an insult to the city of Cleveland in my opinion—an insult to the Midwest.”

Yes, Dan, I’m sure LeBron will have the Midwest on his mind when he makes his decision two years from now. Poll numbers clearly show that you gotta keep that part of the country happy.