LeBron’s Order: One Jason Kidd and a Side of Fries

by Marcel Mutoni

LBJ is not one to come out and make too many definitive statements; like many of his peers in the Association, he usually sticks to tried and tested clichés and platitudes.

With a potentially available Jason Kidd, however, LeBron is being pretty damn direct about what he wants. James wants Kidd on the Cavs. Point blank. End of story:

“I would love to have a guy like Jason Kidd to be a part of this franchise, I think it makes us that much better of a team. Everyone knows how much I love Jason Kidd just throughout the summertime. It’s not hard to see how much I’d love to have him as part of the team. Honestly, when you see Jason Kidd wants to be traded, you shouldn’t have to go to the front office and tell them to get on it. It’s Jason Kidd.”

Then I was asked if being paired with Kidd could bring a championship to Cleveland. He said: “Yeah..(pause and a smile)…It’s that easy.”

Danny Ferry, your work has been cut out for you.

Considering the fact that Cleveland doesn’t have too many tradeable assets, to say nothing of Kidd’s monster contract, it’ll certainly be interesting to see LeBron’s reaction should his front office fail to acquire the coveted point guard.