Let the Madness Begin…

By Khalid Salaam

Yeah it’s been a minute since I last blogged. There was a lot going on, time got away from me, times goes by fast when you’re having fun….one more, it takes two to tango (um, yeah)

I’m supposed to be blogging about the Tourney and had every intention of doing so before games actually started but I came in this morning amped about the Sun/Mavs Game last night. No need to comment but obviously that’s about as good as it gets for the regular season. The Suns were up big at first so I turned to Lost and when I turned back Dallas was up. I thought it was a wrap until Nash dropped 10 in less than a minute. I’m still talking about it. But now I have to write about March Madness.

There’s a TV in the office and we’re watching BC/Texas Tech which is ok but I’m not that into it. I just barely made the time limit to send in my picks to our office pool. This year instead of trying to outthink everyone else (and because of that outthinking myself) I just looked at the brackets and went with the common sense picks. So far so good as I see that BC just won. And Stanford is getting decimated by L’Ville. As far as my Final F picks I got Oregon, Ohio St, G’Town and UCLA winning the whole thing. And really the more I look like it I feel like I got it this year. Oregon has enough athletes to give whomever they play including Florida who I like but they are not a classic all-time team to me. Everyone is wondering why Noah’s draft stock is dropping its because he doesn’t have a dominant go to move in the post. And he’s not a Dwight Howard type who can get by with pure muscle until he learns moves. No he’s the type that can be great only with a great pg. The Suns do have a decent pick though and if he plays with Nash, wow. I like Texas to beat UNC BUT lose to G’Town because Durant won’t score as easy and Texas cannot overcome him having a bad shooting night and still advancing past a confident and good Georgetown team. Ohio St will blow Texas A&M out in the Elite 8. I just don’t see how they can rebound enough and score enough to win against a team with 3 future NBA players on it. And Kansas and future 3rd pick Julian Wright (yeah 3rd) will give UCLA a fair one but will make too many mental errors down the stretch.