Lil’ Penny: The Profile of an Icon

By Jake Appleman 

I was surfing around on Youtube a few weeks ago, and I searched for all of the classic Lil’ Penny commericals. I found ’em so I figured I’d share ’em with ya’ll.

The Lil Penny Classic

Vintage line: “He kills me off the tee, but I get him on the green.”

Big Pool

This ad may be my all-time favorite, if only because the music in the background always made me run outside to go play ball. Once I was outside, I’d have the loop stuck in my head when I was shooting. Just great times all around. Also: The phrases from the Lil’ Penny doll that I have are from this commericial.

Vintage line: “Hey Tyra, you left your toothbrush at my house.”

Double Action

Vintage line: “It was Penny’s fault!”

Frozen Moment

This is probably considered the best of the bunch. If I wasn’t biased towards “Big Pool”, I’d probably concur.

Vintage Line: “You guys remind me of my shoe closet: I got one Penny and a bunch of loafers.”

Superbowl Party

Vintage line: “(Kid from Jerry Maguire) Nice party, Lil’ Penny!”

Griffey for President

Vintage line: “Now that moose could be a liability.”

(Nice magazine that Nick Anderson is flipping through.)