Line Of The Night — French Pastries

by November 06, 2008

Tony Parker, product of double OTby Shannon Booher

Line Of The Night:

Tony Parker — 55 points, 10 assists, 7 boards

Get your shine on, get your shine on, all day long, Tony, get your shine on! Possibly because he’s not a “pure” point and because he has two star teammates in Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili, the French Pastry is left out of the “best point guard in the game” arguments, time after time after time. But guess what — your boy does in fact play point guard, regardless of his pureness, he has won three chips, and now, with this double-nickel performance, joined a club which previously only had two members — Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson. Come on y’all, he’s in the conversation. Just ask Randy Foye and Corey Brewer, two guys who will probably get a little sick to their stomach at even the sight of a croissant, in the future.

Honorable Mention Of The Night:

Amare Stoudemire — 49 points, 11 boards, 6 assists, 5 steals, 2 blocks

LeBron James — 41 points, 9 boards, 6 assists, 4 steals

Sorry guys. It was looking good early, for one of you, then “Minnesota finds a million ways not to close out the Spurs” happened. Double OT = double-nickel.

Worst Of The Night:

This is not a good sign for the Charlotte Larry Brown Era:

“Jared! Jared!” Brown yelled down the bench, looking for forward Jared Dudley. “He’s in the game,” one player called back.

No further comment necessary.

Contraction Club Of The Night:

New Orleans, 79 points vs. the ATLiens

Did we mention this was in New Orleans? That’s a nice road win, Atlanta. Looks like Dem Georgia Boys did not get complacent after their playoff run-in with the Ceatles last season and are bringing the D this year. They have yet to give up more than 90 points in a game, and are now undefeated at 3-0. Could this be your Southeast Division title winners?

Thanks, But I’ll Keep My Job Of The Night:

Luke Ridnour — 20 points, 11 assists, 7 boards, 2 steals

Right after we called for his job, Ridnour shows us why it is in fact, his job, in a 112-104 OT win over Washington. His P-N-C Ramon Sessions had a 22/8 night as well, so maybe Washington needs to work on that perimeter defender? Stopping the ball is Bacon Biedrinsusually a good idea.

Eat Your Breakfast Of The Night:

During the fourth quarter of the Denver/G-State game, Andris Biedrins dribbled the ball near center court. He found Captain Jack at the high post, then received the ball back on the ol’ give-and-go, guarded by Nene. He somehow made a quick dash back into the Oracle’s kitchen, then BAAAAAM!!!! “HAVE SOME OF THESE LATVIAN BACON CREPES, NENE!!!!!! Do they have those in Brazil, playa?”

Nene made quick work of his meal, then kindly left a tip — the And1 foul.

DWade was 2 blocks away from 5×5 glory…Kelenna Azubuike had a ridic block on a Dahntay Jones dunk attempt. Dude never did like breakfast…MJ and Ahmad courtside together in the Garden? We know somebody has a punch line for that…How is it humanly possible, in a Mike D’Antoni offense, for a guy to score 24 points on 9-12 shooting in the 1st half of a game, and then take 0 shots in the second half? Nate Robinson pulled it off, last night, somehow…Another terrible game for the Clip Joint. They drop to 0-5 after succumbing to a late 22-0 run by the Lakers…