Line Of The Night — Granger Danger

by December 13, 2008

Young Grangerby Shannon Booher

Line Of The Night:

Danny Granger — 42 points, 7 boards, 6 assists

Career-high points… all-around game… young, blossoming star… still a loss. Now 7-15. Our answer?  Cut Josh McRoberts.

Worst Of The Night:

The Minnesota Timberwolves. An utter and complete disgrace. Never before has it been clearer than seeing them trudge through a game last night against perhaps the model franchise in the League, San Antonio. Y’all should boycott that “product” up there, Minnesotans.

Near Larry Bird Of The Night:

McGradles — 24 points, 10 boards, 9 assists, 1 steal

Gotta love looking at the schedule and seeing the defenseless Warriors for the night of your return from an injury. That’s a soft landing.

Contraction Club Of The Night:

Philly Freezer — 72 points vs. Cleveland

The Sixers took on the nickname of hometown MC, Freeway, last night, shooting an ice cold 43 percent from the field. This type of play has become the norm for Cavs opponents, though, during their dominant 11 game winning streak. And speaking of Freeway… he has been Young Horfordcoming hard so far during his self-proclaimed “Month Of Madness“.

Miami Cold — 73 points vs. Atlanta

This was a horrid game. Neither team shooting over 38 percent? Gross.

Dirty Jerse — 79 points vs. T-Dot-O

The breakout game of the Jay Triano Era? Or simply a fluky, frigid night that saw Vince Carter shoot 0-13 from the field? Irregardless, can the fantasy heads out there get an answer on the Moon/BargnaniEntreatment?

Debut Of The Night:

Jason Richardson — 21 points, 3 boards, 3 assists, 1 blocks

Well, for one night, it all made sense, just like Lonnie told us it would. J-Rich came, he scored, Suns won. But lots of questions remain for a still morphing Phoenix squad.

Debacle Of The Night:

The L.O.N. offices have endured most of the Clippers train wreck of a season. Hey, we get limited number of HD games and we love Ralph Lawler. What can we say? Guess what night the DVR broke, though? Yeah, the night they win a double-OT thriller in Portland — another team we love to watch.  Awesome.

The Pistons haven’t won a title since Mehmet Okur left. Four seasons from now, will we be saying, “New Orleans hasn’t contended since Jannero Pargo left”?… Shocking news of the night: Corey Maggette remains out indefinitely with a hamstring injury… Why is J-Crizzles struggling in seemingly his dream offense?… The Bobcats sign Juwan Howard. The Fab Five lives…